The final Winter School of the IRTG 1328

The final Winter School of the IRTG 1328 took place from the 26th to the 28th of January, 2015. The Winter School always has been a time of inspirational talks and highlighting scientific achievements. But this time it had a special program with special guests. The rector of the RWTH Aachen University Prof. Ernst Schmachtenberg and Sabina Mönkemöller, a representative of the DFG, opened the Winter School. IRTG speakers Prof. Frank Schneider, Prof. Ruben Gur and Prof. Ute Habel then gave an impressive and moving summary of the highlights and most outstanding scientific achievements of the IRTG across the 9 years of its existence, which had led to numerous international collaborations, the publication of more than 200 scientific papers in cutting edge journals, and hopefully life-long friendships. Alumni from the first IRTG generation then commenced the Winter School by giving an insight into their scientific development from their first year in the IRTG to their current work at research centers across the world.

The next two days were characterized by an intensive international research program and delightful social activities. We had keynote lectures from the members of IRTG Dr. Martin Klasen, Prof. Klaus Mathiak and Prof. Ted Abel, and the quality of the student presentations was as high as ever. Prof. Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg from the Central Institute of Mental Health in Mannheim, a world-renowned expert in schizophrenia and autism, gave us the honor of the final keynote speech. Prof. Frank Schneider, Prof. Ruben Gur, und Prof. Ute Habel then closed the scientific part of the Winter School, with a melancholic tear in one eye but a proud smile in the other.

In the evening of the last day, we braved the storm, snow, and rain to celebrate the journey of the IRTG in Stolberg’s beautiful medieval castle. Here we celebrated the success of IRTG program by enjoying medieval cuisine, drinks, and a fire show, naturally clothed in original medieval costumes.

Thank you all for joining this special event and celebrating with us the final Winter School of the IRTG. We were very happy to see you all in Aachen and hope to see you all again soon.